Toby Thane Neighbors

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  1. Zachariah says:

    hey toby its ur cousin Zach, i dont know if you can read these comments but ur art work is fantastic, my favorites are Pecos bill and slu foot sue and the NBA chariceture

  2. Muhammad says:

    Why isnt aonnye talking about Fair Use? Why all the obsession with controlling and protecting? Maybe I just have deep seated issues with intellectual property.But seriously, sure its commercial, but rotoscoping is pretty transformative, and if the claim is the bit in Naruto is going to hurt the commercial interests of Cowboy Bebop, I find that claim dubious. Is aonnye not going to buy the Jungle Book because theyve already seen those dance scenes in RobinHood?Sure, its nifty someone clever noticed but as Melissa pointed out, shes seen both of those scenes many times, and nevernoticed.I think its an example of artists doing art. You can call them thieves, but I question that sort of hostile, accusatorylanguage.

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