AANAATT by Max Hattler


Complete credits, awards and screening history: maxhattler.com/?aanaatt
Facebook: facebook.com/?maxhattler.artistpage
Onedotzero interview with Max Hattler: vimeo.com/?13454564
1-minute teaser: vimeo.com/?1640427

“Hattler proposes an unusual stop-motion animation, where objects of abstract shape and unknown function move in a space that bears no relationship to any kind of real experience. The various elements move within this three dimensional space, like parts of a dynamic painting that condenses a whole series of references to contemporary art: from the constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, to the historic abstracts of Mondrian and Klee, and on to the more recent experience of conceptual and kinetic art. Changing shapes, plays of colour and transforming surfaces compose a dynamic universe that is both alienating and fascinating at the same time.” Invideo 2010, Italy

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