Morgan Herrin’s Hand-Carved Wood Sculptures

Future Fossils

Loving these cement cast “future fossils.” A couple of em are even affordable!

Real-World, Physical Solitaire-Win Bounce Sculpture

Need to get one of these for mom, she kills it at solitaire. By Skrekkogle.

AANAATT by Max Hattler

Complete credits, awards and screening history:
Onedotzero interview with Max Hattler:
1-minute teaser:

“Hattler proposes an unusual stop-motion animation, where objects of abstract shape and unknown function move in a space that bears no relationship to any kind of real experience. The various elements move within this three dimensional space, like parts of a dynamic painting that condenses a whole series of references to contemporary art: from the constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, to the historic abstracts of Mondrian and Klee, and on to the more recent experience of conceptual and kinetic art. Changing shapes, plays of colour and transforming surfaces compose a dynamic universe that is both alienating and fascinating at the same time.” Invideo 2010, Italy

Sam Falls & Bjork

Really liking this hybrid of paint & photography by Sam Falls. Very Bjork! (via)

Atelier Olschinsky

“Game Zone” illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky

Inside – A Social Film Experience

YouTube Preview Image

From the director of “Disturbia” & “Eagle Eye” starring Emmy Rossum from Showtime’s Shameless.Intel and Toshiba present Hollywood’s first Social Film, Inside. A social film is a live entertainment experience, blending film and social media.

Christina is a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been trapped in a room. She has a laptop. And she needs your help to get out.Don’t miss a single film.Subscribe to be notified when the next one is released.

Mark Ward Studio

Digging these colorful graphics by London’s Mark Ward

Aston Martin “Reverie:

Aston Martin “Reverie” directed by Will Campbell, Will Johnson & Charles Paek.

Rolling Through The Bay

Woah. Scott Weavers Rolling Through the Bay (which we wrote about back in 2008) is a beautifully intricate model of San Francisco made of 100,000 toothpicks. Rather than going for geographic accuracy, Weaver reinterprets San Francisco and its landmarks as a giant labyrinthine sculpture. Ping pong balls can be sent on tours through various tracks hidden within the structure (see the video.) Rolling Through they Bay, which has been under construction since 1974, is on display at San Franciscos Exploratorium museum until May 31, 2011. via

Magomed Dovjenko

Design (?) work by Russian Magomed Dovjenko

“Andre Chenier” Stage

“SURREAL: A 15-meter (49-foot) head was fixed on a torso with cranes and integrated into a floating stage on Lake Constance near Bregenz, Austria, Thursday. It is part of the stage setting for the opera Andre Chenier by Italian composer Umberto Giordano, which will premiere in July. (Felix Kaestle/Associated Press)” Via