Versions is a visual essay by Oliver Laric, investigating the re-appropriation and manipulation of images in our culture. Via

Mike Burdon Photography

“I have always been a keen observer of the world around me and the detail which it provides. I have found photography to be my window for expression, to allow me to convey thoughts and ideas through images. Having skydiving as part of my life has taught me important photographic knowledge, and allows me to have an unusual amount of creative freedom while shooting.” Mike Burdon


Laptopograms are images made by pressing photosensitive paper onto a laptop screen and flashing an image in a manner not unlike contact printing orphotograms.

BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons

American artist Jeff Koons unveiled his Art Car designed for BMW at the Pompidou Centre in Paris last night. Via

Seth Ricart

Some killer photography from Creative League’s own photographer/motion designer Seth Ricart.


Haroshi makes his art pieces by recycling old used skateboards. Via


The Process of IronMan 2 Jarvis systems, Holograms & Interfaces.


Above: Maciej Kbikowski (1967) and a poster by Penguin Books, 42 years later.

Check out the rest of this set (use slider) or see them on Flickr

Simon Hennessey, Painter

Simon Hennessey

Eric Tabuchi

Photography by Eric Tabuchi

Theo Jansen’s new kinetic “animal”

…and Theo sharing his inventions at Ted


If Drawings Were Photographs

A project by Rob Matthew and Tom Edwards, and the first ever zine to be published by Its Nice That. Perfectly described by the artists as Tom gave drawings to Rob and Rob tried to make them into photographs. You can buy a whole book of them here.