WeTransfer.com (beta)

This looks promising – it can be tough to share BIG files without a paid service. WeTransfer.com seems about as simple as it gets!


Instant bookmark! CopyPasteCharacter lets you… um, do that.

Teach Your Parents Tech

This may be Google’s greatest invention yet. Send your parents custom tech support videos for all of their computer needs. From how to “copy and paste” to “attach a file to an email.” Just in time for the holidays! Use it.

Color Scheme Designer 3


This is a handy little tool we must have missed! Color Scheme Designer 3

Design Resources – Compiled by Michelle Bowers


Heres a great single page overview of some of the most useful resources for any graphic designer. Thanks to Michelle Bowers, Assistant Professor of Typography and Design, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, for compiling this. Whether youre just starting out or have been at it for years, this one is worth a bookmark for sure. Via

Awesome Websites You Might Have Missed


Name Voyager! Really interesting app that lets you explore name popularity. Also see Name Mapper for where they’re used and Namipedia for their meanings..


Fonolo.com Two words: awe some. I hate calling customer service lines and waiting forever. I’m actually looking forward to the next time, so I can try this out.


KnowYourMeme.com is sort of like Snopes for all classic internet memes, from Star Wars Kid, to present day. It digs in and shows you what they mean (if anything), where they came from, and why they became internet phenomena. Warning: this amazingness may suck up your entire day.

Bookmark-worthy Colab Tool



What an awesome tool! Real time collaboration environment, free! Set one up here and get familiar with this movie introduction.

Bookmark-worthy site



Constantly updated with interesting re-brands, BRAND NEW. A division of Under Consideration.

Bookmark-worthy app


What The Font?! Upload a sample image and WTF will tell you the font. If somehow you didn’t know about this one, now you do.

Bookmark-worthy Flickr tools


Multicolr Search lab lets you search by color scheme…awesome.


Compfight lets you search for only “original” size images.

Bookmark-worthy sites


Dropbox: Store, sync and share your files online. And it’s free. One of the most useful apps we’ve seen in a long time – especially for people who work on multiple computers.


Crowdspring: A logo design site. Clients post the projects – designers compete by creating logos – client chooses their favorite – winning designer gets paid. A really great idea for clients on a budget and designers looking to make some extra cash. Get out your sketchbook and go!