Flash on the Beach 2010 titles


by Nando Costa and Superfad

AGI Open 2010 Porto

First ever AGI Open conference to be held in Porto, Portugal. Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Abott Miller and Matt Pyke among the many excellent speakers.

See you in October!

Doritos Crash the Superbowl


Every year Doritos ask all creative thinkers to come up with a 3o second commercial that represents their brand. The prizes are nice but the biggest prize is if you place top 3 you get your commercial aired during the actual Superbowl. This year there are already 3,000 submission and there are some really creative pieces this year. View the entries

In a Dream on HBO + Free Brooklyn screening


In a Dream (featuring design and animation from myself, Yussef Cole, and Jonah Birns) premieres on HBO2 tonight at 8pm, with showings to follow throughout the rest of the month. Full schedule and details here. It is currently available on HBO in Demand as well if you can’t wait and there is also a free screening this Sunday, 2pm at the Brooklyn Museum (Email me for an invite).

North American Wildlife, Chicago


North American Wildlife

August 7, 2009, 6:00 pm-12:30 pm


Location: The Family Room 1821 W Hubbard, 202 Chicago, IL 60607

North American Wildlifeis an assembly of conceptual artists working across all plat forms of visual, sound and multi media installations.During the hot Brooklyn summer of 2008, creatives Bryce Wymer Mitchell Paone and Dennis Brown made adecisionthat (over the next five years) they would bring all of their many artistic productions to key cities across the world. Thevehiclefor this invasion would be titled North American Wildlife. The tour began in New York New Orleans, and is now heading to Chicago, SanFrancisco, and France.Wymer, Paone, and Brown create individual and collaborative pieces that are continuously evolving. Then, utilizing a combination of live performances and art installations to forge a unique experience that conveys one voice -North American Wildlife

There will be music, a DJ, Fine Art, Collage works, Prints and oh so much more!

Bryce Wymer is a visual artist currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His works address human social progression, and the relationship between the powerful and the powerless. He is also the creative director at a motion graphics studio in New York named Digital Kitchen. Personal works available at www.brycewymer.com

Mitchell Paone is a multi-faceted creative who moves in between the disciplines of Graphic Design, Typographer, Fine Art, Film and Music. Mitch currently works commercially as an Art Director & Graphic Designer for a variety of advertising agencies and creative production studios worldwide through the moniker of Dreamers Ink Aesthetics. Personal works available at www.dreamersinkaesthetics.net


Following the opening Bryce and Mitchells Brooklyn based experimental electronics band also Named North American Wildlife will be performing at the gallery as well as a venue TBD in the Chi Town area.


For more information contact .