Total Eclipse of the Heart: Literal Version

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Sorry I’m Late

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By Tomas Mankovsky and more.



A story about friendship. By Joaquin Baldwin.

SANSULA Dominik Eulberg Music Video

The YouTube Dilemma

An interesting article about how Youtube “inspires” acencies and directors. Note to self: Keep great ideas off of Youtube, lest they be stolen for candybar commercial. Read

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Eepybird’s Sticky Note Experiment

Shoot an apple, save the earth, go to Australia


Your mission: using a green apple and a camera, shoot a :15 second video that expresses your thoughts on the state of all things eco. The winner wins a trip to Australia. Deadline is 4/27/09. Learn more here

In a Dream documentary

I had the pleasure (along with the supremely talented Yussef Cole) of doing design and animation for the documentary In a Dream. The film is about the family struggles and artwork of Philadelphia based Mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar. It opens theatrically today in NYC at Cinema Village. Check out the trailer and go see it! More cities coming in the following weeks.


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Nestle Aero directors cut. Behind the Scenes Part 1 and Part 2. Inspiration here.

Honda “Let It Shine”

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…and check out the making of

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by Wieden + Kenedy

Nyemka’s Dream


Cold = Cool. Director John Green of Knucklehead.

Josh Bodnar


Emmy winning editor Josh Bodnar joins the CL News team – check the technique.