Versions is a visual essay by Oliver Laric, investigating the re-appropriation and manipulation of images in our culture. Via

Kubrik vs Scorcese

Snoop Dogg, “Oh Sookie”

CL members Digital Kitchen hooked up with The Yard for this funny Snoop video promoting HBO’s 3rd season of True Blood.


The Process of IronMan 2 Jarvis systems, Holograms & Interfaces.

Wax Tailor – I Own You

…and the making of:


Autofuss launches it’s new promo piece.

Up There

Wonderfull documentary on the almost extinct advertising painters.

Parallel Lines

Philips Cinema, “Parallel Lines”, a project for DDB London/RSA has now gone live! Five short films. Five genres. Five of RSAs hottest directors. One unifying piece of dialogue.


“Stopmotion film that I created for SNASK while interning with them in Stockholm. I wrote, shot and edited the film myself without the use of special effects or stopmotion software. There are 1846 photos, and it took just under 4 days to shoot. For more information go to

“The Pacific” main titles

After the success of “Band of Brothers”, Imaginary Forces directed the main titles for Hanks/Spielberg new short-series “The Pacific”.
Turn the lights down and the volume up. Then play it again.

“Complexo” main titles

Finally got around to finish my director’s cut.

Main title sequence for “Complexo” feature documentary, a film about the biggest and most dangerous slum in Brazil.
Shot on a Sony HD-SR11, with an old floor rug, smoke, a lightbox and some matches.
Director’s cut music by: Antonio Pinto – “By Air”

Iron Man 2 & Tron Legacy: Trailers

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Don’t let the blue-green transfer fool you, they’re not the same movie