Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady speaking in 1965

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Andrew Droz Palermo – White Rabbits


Reminds me of this, but I still like it!.. Andrew Droz Palermo

“Kuroshio Sea” – World’s 2nd Largest Aquarium

Located in the Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa, Japan, the enormous tank is some ten metres deep, 35 metres wide and 27 metres long.

It holds a staggering 7,500 tonnes of water - roughly equal to three Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Movie Title Stills Collection




A great archive!

Fantastic Mr. Fox

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New animated film by Wes Anderson. What do you think? How well does his humor translate in an animated format?

Home Movie Reconstructions – 1974/2004


Philips Carousel Commercial

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A gorgeous short film by Adam Berg and Stink Digital, for Philips. Reminiscent of the Halo commercials, it takes Motion Control even further. Via Noah.

Les Matres du temps

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1982 Franco-Hungarian animated science fiction feature film directed by Ren Laloux and designed by Mbius.

Tron Legacy HD trailer


You saw a grainy version last year at Comic Con but now the official HD trailer is out and it looks awesome! View Here

Nirvana vs Rick Astley

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Haha, we got Rick Rolled, Nirvana style.. Very funny

This Year’s Emmy Nominated Commercials

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Amex “Airport Lounge”

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Hulu “Alec in Huluwood”

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Nike “Bottled Courage”

Bud “Circus”

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Coke “Heist”

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Bud Light “Magazine Buyer”

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Career Builder “Tips”

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Sprint “Wedding”

HP – invent

Response to D&AD Student Awards brief set by Hewlett Packard.

“Present an idea which promotes HP Workstations ability to bring to life anything the creative mind can conceive.”

Filmed, edited and directed by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth

Music: Hold Me Back by Round Table Knights