Designing Obama, free digital edition

Our friends at the Post Family share their new book, Designing Obama. It is available on iPad, and a hard bound edition. You can see the whole thing for free, right here.

BMW Art Car by Jeff Koons

American artist Jeff Koons unveiled his Art Car designed for BMW at the Pompidou Centre in Paris last night. Via

AGI Open 2010 Porto

First ever AGI Open conference to be held in Porto, Portugal. Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Abott Miller and Matt Pyke among the many excellent speakers.

See you in October!

Renato Marques Reel 2010

Renato, a fellow portuguese and aCL member, has a new reel.


The Process of IronMan 2 Jarvis systems, Holograms & Interfaces.

Medal of Honor – Leave a Message

Even if you’re not a videogame enthusiast, this is definitely a very impressive trailer.


Above: Maciej Kbikowski (1967) and a poster by Penguin Books, 42 years later.

Check out the rest of this set (use slider) or see them on Flickr

Dunkin’ Donuts Rebrand, April 1st 2010

An funny, elaborate prank by the folks at Brand New. Seems bizarrely plausible, though!

“Complexo” main titles

Finally got around to finish my director’s cut.

Main title sequence for “Complexo” feature documentary, a film about the biggest and most dangerous slum in Brazil.
Shot on a Sony HD-SR11, with an old floor rug, smoke, a lightbox and some matches.
Director’s cut music by: Antonio Pinto – “By Air”

Amazing WW2 Posters

WW2 Poster

Amazing Allied WW2 Posters. Illustration certainly was different then.

Brad Mitchell new work

Craig Mitchell

Great new concept boards from Craig Mitchell!

Maxim Ivanov

maxim ivanov

Check out Maxim Ivanov’s line up of great work.