Best and Worst Identities of 2009


See the top ten in each category, according to Brand New.

From the worst category, Lending Tree goes Terminator for some reason…


and from the best category, MyFonts nails what I’d consider a #1 contender


see the rest here.

Colorama- Paint By Numbers & Makeover

A couple cool new spots by Upper First



Wordle is a cool toy that generates word clouds, based on text or website URLs that you provide. It’s rather entertaining and can produce some cool results! This one was based on

Stephan Walter


Nice! More from Stephan Walter at Radionacional

Online Color Challenge



FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. Take the online color challenge, based on the official FM100 Hue Test by X-Rite. How do you score?

Land Guzzlers – Pets vs Autos


Which has a larger ecological impact? Via New Scientist, the chart above has some surprises that people would never consider. Jonathan Safran Foers new book also provides some insights on pets and animals we eat, check it out.

Color Scheme Designer 3


This is a handy little tool we must have missed! Color Scheme Designer 3

Greg Herman: new work


Greg Herman ( updates with some great new work!

How to design a logo for Adobe

First, find a good logo book. Preferably one that’s out of print


Next, find a cool mark from some obscure product or company:


Nice! Now, simply rotate and do some arbitrary tweak, so it’s an original mark!


Lastly, hit that bad boy with some aqua, and you’re golden.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Creative League tutorial, not sponsored by Adobe

Design of the CBS Eye

YouTube Preview Image

A history of the CBS logo by Charles Osgood. Design of the logo by Bill Golden and Kurt Weiss. It was inspired by Quaker symbols, an eye to ward off evil. Via

iStuff for designers

Picture 1

AICP Show main titles

I’m not usually a big fan of intrusive type on main titles, but these work like a charm. There’s context for the way they’re presented, and alot of imagination.
I love the shot where the dog gets curious!



Client: AICP Minnesota, Kirk Hokanson, Executive Director
Product: AICP Show 2009 reception sponsor reel

Concept, Design & VFX: motion504
Creative Director/3D/Compositor: Scott Wenner
3D/Compositor: Amy Schmitt
Executive Producer: Eric Mueller

Director: Scott Wenner
DP: Bo Hakala
Art Director: Sarah Jean Kruchowski
Producer: Todd Cobery

Editor: Joe Martin

Sound Design: BWN
Sound Designer: Carl White