Thrift Shop

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I don’t care if I’m late to the party (it already has 40M views). This is fucking awesome.

PIXAR Studios Deleting Toy Story 2

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Y’know that feeling when you accidentally delete something important and you don’t have a backup? Now imagine that thing was Toy Story 2.

Beard Slap

This is the best thing on the internet… so far.

Kenny Powers, new “MFCEO” of K-SWISS

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Very awesome. Very NSFW.


Watch what happens when cats commandeer tanks.

Let’s Enhance

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“Lock on, and enlarge the Z-axis” – Mac Guyver

This is why TV mysteries are so awesome, and realistic!

Mr. Spriggs BBQ

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The meat falls off the bone.

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

So stupid that I can’t look away. Love it. Video by Evan Roth: Audio by Girl Talk:

Pool Domination 2010

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These guys do, in fact, dominate.

Justin Beiber, 800% slower.

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

When played 800% slower, Justin Bieber rivals any ambient/indie band out there.” via

Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever

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This should win an Oscar.

Snoop Dogg, “Oh Sookie”

CL members Digital Kitchen hooked up with The Yard for this funny Snoop video promoting HBO’s 3rd season of True Blood.