Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys!

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This is so awesome. Just wait till they start stumbling around drunk.

Mighty Putty Dub!

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No Corkscrew? No Problem.

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Skip to about halfway through to see how it’s done.

30 Dumbest Inventions Ever

30 Dumbest Inventions

Time magazine’s 30 Dumbest Inventions are amazing old failures. Some that actually have some form of logic behind them, and some like this photo – a cigarette pack holder. Why smoke one at a time if you could smoke them all?

How to design a logo for Adobe

First, find a good logo book. Preferably one that’s out of print


Next, find a cool mark from some obscure product or company:


Nice! Now, simply rotate and do some arbitrary tweak, so it’s an original mark!


Lastly, hit that bad boy with some aqua, and you’re golden.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this Creative League tutorial, not sponsored by Adobe

Lego Zombie Apocalpyse

Zombie Apocafest 2009

Zombies and humans in aplastic-block-size gore-fest. It’s a huge collaborative display sponsored and organized byThe Brothers Brick.

Old Spice “I’m a MAN”

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“I’m a man. And I SMELL like a man. Sometimes I like to smell like a different smelling man.” y

Auto-Tune the News #8 (With T-Pain)

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These will be posted until they cease to be hysterical. Will that ever happen?

Kanye West Interrupts Obama’s Speech

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Congrats to FreeYourPixels for being the first to get this obvious-yet-still-funny remix on YouTube. Everyone else, you can quit out of iMovie =)

Awesome Websites You Might Have Missed


Name Voyager! Really interesting app that lets you explore name popularity. Also see Name Mapper for where they’re used and Namipedia for their meanings..

capture006 Two words: awe some. I hate calling customer service lines and waiting forever. I’m actually looking forward to the next time, so I can try this out.

capture007 is sort of like Snopes for all classic internet memes, from Star Wars Kid, to present day. It digs in and shows you what they mean (if anything), where they came from, and why they became internet phenomena. Warning: this amazingness may suck up your entire day.

Nintendo Controller Coffee Table on Ebay


UK bidders only!? DAMN.

Hitler learns that the Avatar trailer sucks.

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“They said the 3D would be so good it’d be like having your eyeballs f#cked!!” ..Hitler is very dissapointed. But you can judge for yourself