2011 Motion Graphic Design Census

Also, download the results of the 2010 census here.

AGI Open 2010 Porto

First ever AGI Open conference to be held in Porto, Portugal. Paula Scher, Stefan Sagmeister, Abott Miller and Matt Pyke among the many excellent speakers.

See you in October!

Pepsi “refresh”… not so fresh.

The folks at Pepsi decided to take one of the most unique and creative videos on the web, and use it for their new “Refresh” campaign.

The ORIGINAL music video, “Sour,” that went viral on ’09:

YouTube Preview Image

… and the “new” Pepsi spot that blatently plagiarizes it:

YouTube Preview Image

For shame. (You may also notice a “wee planet” in the Pepsi spot.. taken from a Flickr set that also went viral on the blogosphere in 08-09)


YouTube Preview Image

SO funny. I need that b-roll!!

Doritos Crash the Superbowl


Every year Doritos ask all creative thinkers to come up with a 3o second commercial that represents their brand. The prizes are nice but the biggest prize is if you place top 3 you get your commercial aired during the actual Superbowl. This year there are already 3,000 submission and there are some really creative pieces this year. View the entries

Design of the CBS Eye

YouTube Preview Image

A history of the CBS logo by Charles Osgood. Design of the logo by Bill Golden and Kurt Weiss. It was inspired by Quaker symbols, an eye to ward off evil. Via

NBC Sued in Font-Related Flare-Up


NBC Sued

NBC is being sued for over 2 million dollars for not gaining the rights to use fonts for their shows.

View Article

AICP Show main titles

I’m not usually a big fan of intrusive type on main titles, but these work like a charm. There’s context for the way they’re presented, and alot of imagination.
I love the shot where the dog gets curious!



Client: AICP Minnesota, Kirk Hokanson, Executive Director
Product: AICP Show 2009 reception sponsor reel

Concept, Design & VFX: motion504
Creative Director/3D/Compositor: Scott Wenner
3D/Compositor: Amy Schmitt
Executive Producer: Eric Mueller

Director: Scott Wenner
DP: Bo Hakala
Art Director: Sarah Jean Kruchowski
Producer: Todd Cobery

Editor: Joe Martin

Sound Design: BWN
Sound Designer: Carl White

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off

Michael Bierut’s portfolio

michael bierut

I’m a firm believer that in order to produce interesting and innovative work, one should look at much more than the guy next to you.
Michael Bierut, one ofPentagram‘s partners, shows us hisportfolio from when he was a student. And the best? He talks about it, bit by bit.

DSLR Mount


Ohh snap. RedRock DSLR mount.

David Fincher for NIKE

YouTube Preview Image

David Fincher is still doing beautiful work in the advertising world. Wonderful cinematography and pacing in this Nike Pro ad “Alter Ego”.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Production: Anonymous Content
Director: David Fincher
DP: Emmanuel Lubezki
VFX: Hydraulx
Music: Soundtree, London
Sound Design: Mit Out Sound

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