Rough Cut Lady (and other inside jokes)

Picture 5

Real Marketing Genius. These gems have stood the test of time – hysterical.

Rough Cut Lady

Impossible Promo Approval Guy

Mr Waiting-for-the-conference-room Man

Mr Asking Us To Think Outside Of The Box Guy

Mr Cutting A Promo For A Lame Show Guy

Miss Small Talk In The Elevator Girl

Truth In Advertising. Another classic industry satire.

Designer Slash Model. “You have to be beautiful to create something beautiful.” -DK



Meet the future. OTTO.

The YouTube Dilemma

An interesting article about how Youtube “inspires” acencies and directors. Note to self: Keep great ideas off of Youtube, lest they be stolen for candybar commercial. Read

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Rethink Scholarship

YouTube Preview Image

Great little promo for a not-so-little scholarship and internship opportunity – from Rethink. Learn more.

Pepsi Logo Madness


Found at Brand New. Download the self-titled “Breathtaking” pitch for the new Pepsi Logo, and see other subsequent hilarity here.

Jimmy Fallon on his logo designs

Now that Jimmy Fallon is taking over “Late Night,” he’s trying to pick a logo, and asking for viewer feedback. The logos were designed by Number 17. It’s interesting to see Jimmy as a client rather than a comedian..

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