Renato Marques Reel 2010

Renato, a fellow portuguese and aCL member, has a new reel.

Member Spotlight: Anthony Enos

Nice new 2010 reel from member Anthony Enos, freelancing out of Oakland, CA

Member Spotlight: Jake Mathew

Some really fun new 3D work from CL member Jake Mathew out of Chicago – nice!

Rbnks Reel

A cool, unusual approach for a motion reel – by CL member Rbnks.

“I made an new reel for 2009, with a little experimental taste. I didn’t want to make the same reels that you see everywhere on the web! In this film I’m showing my thoughts and emotions and also my love for motion graphics. This what I do and who I am.”

C4 Real

CL members C4 Real added their very slick 3D animation real..nice!

Filipe Carvalho – new reel

Picture 1

CL Member Filipe Carvalho shares his new design and direction reel – very nice. His site


CL Members HUSH go crazy analog for Sony – can I borrow that robot suit? HEYHUSH

Jonathan Winbush

CL Member and newsie Jonathan Winbush shares his new 2009 reel

Reelparty Vol 1



Featuring 14 choice cuts from CL member reels, Reelparty Vol 1 is here. Download


Gene Park

Talented CL Member Gene Park drops his new reel. Check out his site for more excellent boards and animation!

Tim Salikov



CL Member Tim Salikov (Los Angeles) posts reel with some particulary sexy bits

Chad Bonanno

Chad Bonanno

CL member Chad Bonanno shares his impressive reel. View