KnickKnack – Peter Roe

CL Member KnickKnack (Peter Roe) shares his beautiful compositing and animation.

CL supports new formats


We’re excited to announce that Creative League Motion now supports the following movie links.

Quicktime, Vimeo, YouTube, Myspace and Yahoo!… So sharing your work through CL is now easier than ever.

Visit Creative League and join if you’re not already a member!

Shake It Photo



CL member Nick Campbell drops his sweet new iPhone Polaroid app! just 99 yall!

DK’s Seattle Film Festival Trailer


Watch the movie here

and behind the scenes. From motionographer.

In a Dream documentary

I had the pleasure (along with the supremely talented Yussef Cole) of doing design and animation for the documentary In a Dream. The film is about the family struggles and artwork of Philadelphia based Mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar. It opens theatrically today in NYC at Cinema Village. Check out the trailer and go see it! More cities coming in the following weeks.

Bran Dougherty-Johnson / GROW DESIGN WORK


Sharing is caring. CL member Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s new 2009 reel, enjoy!

Josh Bodnar


Emmy winning editor Josh Bodnar joins the CL News team – check the technique.

Nick Campbell


CL Member Nick Campbell might be the most prolific guy we know. Check out his inspiring BLOG and his daily photos.

Mutual Friend


CL member and news contributor Aaron Kemnitzer drops his new 3D reel. Rate it here and check out his new site too.

Layer Tennis Live! Today Werk Stockholm Vs DK Chi


It’s an Aftereffects animation throwdown! Watch with live commentary by Justin Cone at CL member Nick Campbell will be partnering with Anthony Vitagliano for DK Chicago

New SCAD Student Reels


New CL Members Adam, Phil, Shawn, and Fred show us that SCAD is still cranking out promising talent.

Yussef Cole


Promising new reel from CL member Yuseff Cole, Brooklyn NYC. Watch and rate