Free Agent Update 2009


TK aka Free Agent displays some of his award winning boards. View

Elliot Lim – Well n’ Good


Nice reel and other goodies from Chicago’s Elliot Lim

Rethink Scholarship

YouTube Preview Image

Great little promo for a not-so-little scholarship and internship opportunity – from Rethink. Learn more.



A follow up to an earlier post, because it’s just that good. Kutiman mixes Youtube with amazing results – check out 8 tracks at

Mutual Friend


CL member and news contributor Aaron Kemnitzer drops his new 3D reel. Rate it here and check out his new site too.

New Simpsons Intro


In case you didn’t notice, FOX updated the content of their super fast whip-pan in the HD open. Click here for a bigger look

Jon Saunders



Jon Saunders colabs w/ Marco Iozzi, Pete Sickbert-Bennet, Tom Cushwa and Helen Hyung Choi. Teamwork at its best!

Discovery gets the Royale treatment

Royale for Discovery

Westcoast motion graphics house Royale recently did the Discovery channel network rebranding. View

The Whitest Boy Alive “Golden Cage”

YouTube Preview Image

Creative video and a great song too! Be sure to check out The Whitest Boy Alive’s new album Rules. Amazing stuff!

Layer Tennis Live! Today Werk Stockholm Vs DK Chi


It’s an Aftereffects animation throwdown! Watch with live commentary by Justin Cone at CL member Nick Campbell will be partnering with Anthony Vitagliano for DK Chicago

New SCAD Student Reels


New CL Members Adam, Phil, Shawn, and Fred show us that SCAD is still cranking out promising talent.

David OReilly’s Please Say Something

YouTube Preview Image

Absolute brilliance from David OReilly