Da Chip

Da Chip Volume 2 just launched! Download the Music of Daft Punk Revisited on Vintage Game Systems. Via

Elliott Smith – Live at WMUC

We don’t normally post about music, but this got us excited! The fine folks at WMUC radio recently reported uncovering a lost Elliott Smith recording from ’96 or ’97. The recording includes a previously unheard song called Misery Let Me down.

Elliott Smith–Misery Let Me Down by SweetPandemonium

They were also kind enough to post the session via 2 separate downloads.

Download 1 (Includes outtakes and Misery Let Me Down)

Download 2 (Includes several songs not included in download 1)

Thanks WMUC for the the detective work and the awesome show!

Dude sounds like Freddie Mercury

YouTube Preview Image

Would NOT want to follow this guy at a karaoke bar.

Madeon – Pop Culture (live mashup)

YouTube Preview Image

This 16 year old kid is sick. Check out this live mashup of 39 tracks.

Aston Martin “Reverie:


Aston Martin “Reverie” directed by Will Campbell, Will Johnson & Charles Paek.

Your Lucky Day


Director Dan Brown of Ohhello takes us on a wild ride in his short film Your Lucky Day. A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control.

Justin Beiber, 800% slower.

J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis

When played 800% slower, Justin Bieber rivals any ambient/indie band out there.” via

Camu Tao – King of Hearts


In 2005 Andre Stringer and I directed a short film for the Energy issue of Smile Faucet. During the writing process I heard from Camu Tao. We had originally met a few years earlier when we were in Ohio filming Camus group Mhz for a independent hip hop documentary we were working on. After bumping into him at a few shows, and building a bit more, we ended up designing the artwork for his “Hold the Floor” 12″ single on Definitive Jux. We fell out of touch for a few years and then he hit me up out of the blue to catch up, just as we were writing the treatment for this short.

Camu was hilarious, always telling stories in a very animated way, without the slightest hint of self-consciousnes. So when we were thinking of who to play our lead for this film, we immediately thought of him. So we asked, he agreed, and as expected he was great…

Tero Camu Tao Smith tragically passed away in 2008. His debut solo lp “King of Hearts” is released today. This record is an amazing blend of post-punk, hip hop, electronic, soul, and pop – Honestly, it really is hard to try and box it into a simple-genre, it’s that unique. Personally, I have the songs “When You’re Going Down” and “King of Hearts” on repeat right now. You can stream the full albumhere,and then purchase it at Definitive Jux or on Itunes.

Def Jux is also giving away the Central Services (Camu Tao and EL P) ep Forever Frozen In Television Time for free in conjunction with this release. All of the album profit made by Def Jux on King of Hearts are going directly to Camu’s Family and Fiance, who are directly involved with the charities associated with Camu’s treatment and illness. So if you like what you hear, please support this record and spread the word!

Blockhead, “The Music Scene”


“An animated mind melt into a post human New York where TV and animals rule” Illustrated and directed by A.F.Schepperd. Crazy.

Snoop Dogg, “Oh Sookie”


CL members Digital Kitchen hooked up with The Yard for this funny Snoop video promoting HBO’s 3rd season of True Blood.

Girl Talk – Disected

Strangely addictive site: “This page lets you play Feed The Animals by Girl Talk, an album made up entirely of samples from other music. To the right of the track list, theres a list of which songs are being played, as theyre played, using the list compiled by Waxy.org.”

Janelle Monae – Tightrope

YouTube Preview Image

Very catchy with great choreography. Via Josh.