Yi Zhou


Hear, Earth, Heart

I love the languid meditative pace of this film by Yi Zhou

Digital 3D video Animation. Music by Air. Duration : 5 mn 52s, 2008.

The Modernist Editions


Classic covers gone “modern”.. titles reduced symple shapes and symbols. Here’s an easy one:


See if you can name them all! See them all here. Found here.

“Rap Chop” featuring Vince

YouTube Preview Image

Download the high quality MP3 here.

SANSULA Dominik Eulberg Music Video


Minivan Highway

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A band of IT guys from the 80s make desktop techno. Awesome

Drum Buddy

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Tin can + lightbulb = The Ultimate Musical Instrument. Drum Buddy.com

Three Legged Legs: N.A.S.A, Kanye West


Crazy new music video for N.A.S.A. by the Three Legged fellows.

Fujiya & Miyagi Ankle Injuries

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Similar flavors to the White Stripes lego video by Michel Gondry. Still just as cool.

Bloc Party “Signs”


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A follow up to an earlier post, because it’s just that good. Kutiman mixes Youtube with amazing results – check out 8 tracks at thru-you.com

Amazing & Fun

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The Whitest Boy Alive “Golden Cage”

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Creative video and a great song too! Be sure to check out The Whitest Boy Alive’s new album Rules. Amazing stuff!