Member Spotlight: Digital Kitchen

Nice new agency reel from CL members Digital Kitchen.

Inside – A Social Film Experience

YouTube Preview Image

From the director of “Disturbia” & “Eagle Eye” starring Emmy Rossum from Showtime’s Shameless.Intel and Toshiba present Hollywood’s first Social Film, Inside. A social film is a live entertainment experience, blending film and social media.

Christina is a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been trapped in a room. She has a laptop. And she needs your help to get out.Don’t miss a single film.Subscribe to be notified when the next one is released.

Parallel Lines

Philips Cinema, “Parallel Lines”, a project for DDB London/RSA has now gone live! Five short films. Five genres. Five of RSAs hottest directors. One unifying piece of dialogue.


With LAIKA, there is finally a font that can seamlessly use the whole spectrum of its cuts. A font that is able to move between its extremes in real time. An interactive font that is able to respond to its surroundings. A font that questions deadlocked dogmas and throws up completely new design questions, and thus has the potential to revolutionise the understanding of digital typography. From Typojungle

Digital Blackbook (Graffiti Analysis 2.0)

“Digital Blackbook is the second version of Evan Roth his Graffiti Analysis project. Its a tool that can capture graffiti tags, or actually any drawing, and visualise it afterwards in a very nice way.” from Today & Tomorrow


Impressive generative works – Want his links? He’s got a few!

Work: Unlekker.
Blog 1: Generator.x.
Blog 2: Code & form
Play: Evolutionzone

Social networking:, StumbleUpon, Twitter

The Holy Mountain

YouTube Preview Image

Augmented Reality game by Julian Oliver



Meet the future. OTTO.

iPhone photo AutoStitch

Picture 1

Take a bunch of photos… and let AutoStitch go to work..

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

“AutoStitch now brings the latest in image recognition technology to your iPhone. Stitch images in any order or arrangement, using photos taken from your iPhones camera. Just select a set of images from the camera roll or photo albums, and AutoStitch does the rest. For more details, see our webpage, or go directly to the app store.”



Enter a word. See what the world is blogging, tweeting, flickering, and otherwise saying about it. Pretty interesting!

Augmented reality poster for the movie “Gamer”

Augmented reality poster

Augmented reality poster

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