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The Forgotten Future




San-Zhr Pod Village, by photographer Craig Ferguson.. a project that features images of an abandoned hotel or housing development in the small town of San-Zhr on the north coast of Taiwan. Ferguson’s images have a post-apocalyptic flavor, and as Craig explains, the truth is no less bizarre: local papers at the time reported that there were numerous accidents during construction which caused the death of some workers. As news of these accidents spread, no one wanted to go there, even to visit. The project was subsequently abandoned and left for nature to take over again. The once foreseen future never included this place in its plans. From Art Desire.

Rasmus Mogensen


Justin M. Maller

Picture 2 Freelance Illustrator & Art Director Justin M. Maller – Melbourne, Australia

130-Megapixel Camera Made From a Run-Of-The-Mill Scanner and an Ancient Lens


Taken from Gizmodo…

The idea of a scanner-made camera is nothing super new, but concocting one which snaps photos at 130-megapixels is pretty amazing. That’s exactly what some Japanese dude with a touch of tech know-how accomplished.

Canon SLR remote on iPhone


Hubert Blanz



stunning photographic collage


Nirrimi is a young 16 year old Australian girl. She also happens to take some great photos!

Neil Krug

Kansas photographer, Neil Krug has taken some great photos using expired and damaged polaroid film. Kansas Represent!

Clark Little


Insane pictures of waves… and only waves. Stunning.

Nick Campbell


CL Member Nick Campbell might be the most prolific guy we know. Check out his inspiring BLOG and his daily photos.

The Art of Detouch


This is somewhat addictive –