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We like. Dropclock, Minnow, Fliqlo, and Wordclock. (via MONOmoda)

Crazy-awesome new Photoshop feature

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Ok, pardon me while I geek out on the new “Content Aware” fill function in the upcomming release of Photoshop. Apparently they’re on to some kind of witchcraft/voodoo at Adobe.

Flippity Shows eBay Listings Close to Home. So handy! Via

Hand write your own font


Fontcapture. According to Sam, it’s fast and easy! Get writing!

Color Scheme Designer 3


This is a handy little tool we must have missed! Color Scheme Designer 3

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off

A simple alternative to Indexhibit: Stacey


“Anthony Kolber is a graphic designer who got frustrated with trying to customize Indexhibit for his friends portfolio sites. So he decided to create something to make it simpler, its a php app called Stacey.

Staceys aim is to make the customizing part easier. You edit html files as html, the installation consists of dropping files onto your server and content editing is handled by creating folders and putting images inside them. There is no admin interface, its all done via basic ftp.

You can see it working and download it at:

At the moment it is running these sites:, &

From Swiss Miss


Picture 2

Helvetimail is a clean skin for Gmail (no safari yet) ?

Picture 3

Helvetireader is the skin for Google Reader… ?

Picture 4

Helvetwitter for you update junkies.. ?

Picture 6

and Helvetical for Google Calendar. Very nice.. ?

USPS Virtual Box Simulator

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Webcam experiments. There are plenty that look amazing, but wouldn’t have any real world purpose. Then there are some that seem like they might possible have one, but you can’t quite figure out what. Someone found a use for this, try it yourself here:Virtual Box Simulator.

Design Resources – Compiled by Michelle Bowers


Heres a great single page overview of some of the most useful resources for any graphic designer. Thanks to Michelle Bowers, Assistant Professor of Typography and Design, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, for compiling this. Whether youre just starting out or have been at it for years, this one is worth a bookmark for sure. Via

Hitchcock – Mobile Storyboarding for iPhone

“Hitchcock is the worlds first mobile story boarding application. With Hitchcock you can have your first story board up and running in a matter of minutes. Hitchcock streamlines the process of storyboarding by allowing you to compose storyboards using photos rather than the tedious hand drawing process. This allows professionals and students to portray their vision to others in a easily controllable and transportable format.”

Available in the iTunes app store. More info

Awesome Websites You Might Have Missed


Name Voyager! Really interesting app that lets you explore name popularity. Also see Name Mapper for where they’re used and Namipedia for their meanings..

capture006 Two words: awe some. I hate calling customer service lines and waiting forever. I’m actually looking forward to the next time, so I can try this out.

capture007 is sort of like Snopes for all classic internet memes, from Star Wars Kid, to present day. It digs in and shows you what they mean (if anything), where they came from, and why they became internet phenomena. Warning: this amazingness may suck up your entire day.