Bookmark-worthy app


What The Font?! Upload a sample image and WTF will tell you the font. If somehow you didn’t know about this one, now you do.

Path Snagger


Very handy on the production end, Path Snagger is ideal when sending someone a link to a file or folder on the company server. “Control-click a document, application, folder, mounted volume, zip disk, anything, and easily copy the full path to that item directly to your clipboard!” Download PathSnagger

Bookmark-worthy Flickr tools


Multicolr Search lab lets you search by color scheme…awesome.


Compfight lets you search for only “original” size images.

Bookmark-worthy sites


Dropbox: Store, sync and share your files online. And it’s free. One of the most useful apps we’ve seen in a long time – especially for people who work on multiple computers.


Crowdspring: A logo design site. Clients post the projects – designers compete by creating logos – client chooses their favorite – winning designer gets paid. A really great idea for clients on a budget and designers looking to make some extra cash. Get out your sketchbook and go!