Speaking Piano

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iPhone Steering Wheel

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Exploding Clock

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“A mesmerizing wall-mounted kinetic sculpture that “explodes” powered by an electric motor, wooden gears and parts, then all comes back together with each turn.” Via

Toshiba’s Space Chair.

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8 HD Toshiba cameras. 1 World record. Making of here.

Dead Laptops

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Dead Laptop series by Michael Dinges. Via

Tone Matrix

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Check out this awesome, ADDICTIVE, music tool. So simple to use, and sounds so good! Tone Matrix

World’s Deepest Bin & Piano Stairs

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Sweden’s “Fun Theory Award” – some brilliant work, sponsored by Volkswagen.

Transparent Lexus LFA Supercar


“This amazing transparent sculpture of the new $375,000 Lexus LFA supercar is absolutely mind-blowing! The full-size sculpture, which was constructed by Japanese architect Scu Fujimoto, was first displayed at Milan Design Week earlier this year.”

Pretty sick. More pictures here.

iStuff for designers

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Photoshop on iPhone, Free


“Yep, Photoshop on the iPhone. At first glance, it’s not much different from other light iPhone photo editing apps, except it’s tied to their online service, but the effects and interface look above average. And, uh, freeness.” More at Gizmodo


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Some nice new type and illustration at Superexpresso

DSLR Mount


Ohh snap. RedRock DSLR mount.