Kern Type, the kerning game

For any designer looking to train their eyeballs, this is a fun/useful tool!

Tondu font

Dope. And free.

“Camelot” main titles

Classic Kyle Cooper. And that’s a good thing.
Done at Prologue

Lost Type Co-op

The Lost Type Co-Op is a Pay-What-You-Want Type foundry, the first of it’s kind. Only a hand full of fonts so far, but looks promising!

“House Industries just announced which allows users to purchase single settings for $7 each or for about $2 each through several subscription programs starting at $15 per month. The final product is a downloadable vector-based .pdf file that can be placed as art and edited in any drawing program. At the time of launch, will include 40 alphabet styles that have been optimized specifically for the online interface but the collection will be continuously refreshed with a constant flow of innovative new offerings.” Via

The Killing on AMC

Main Title Sequence and Promotional Package for AMC’s new series The Killing, by Sarofsky Design.

Rango end titles

by Prologue

Type on Ice

YouWorkForThem put some of their new fonts under ice, just for kicks. The results are pretty coo — um, good.

“Complexo” main titles

Finally got around to finish my director’s cut.

Main title sequence for “Complexo” feature documentary, a film about the biggest and most dangerous slum in Brazil.
Shot on a Sony HD-SR11, with an old floor rug, smoke, a lightbox and some matches.
Director’s cut music by: Antonio Pinto – “By Air”

Priori Acute Serif


Very nice – new from Emigre

Neutra Face : An Ode On A Typeface

YouTube Preview Image

“An homage to the Neutra typeface inspired by the song Poker Face by Lady GaGa.

‘NEUTRA’ is actually pronounced ‘NOY-trah’, but that escaped our knowledge in the fits of fun we were having doing this project. Word.”

Maxim Ivanov

maxim ivanov

Check out Maxim Ivanov’s line up of great work.