A simple alternative to Indexhibit: Stacey


“Anthony Kolber is a graphic designer who got frustrated with trying to customize Indexhibit for his friends portfolio sites. So he decided to create something to make it simpler, its a php app called Stacey.

Staceys aim is to make the customizing part easier. You edit html files as html, the installation consists of dropping files onto your server and content editing is handled by creating folders and putting images inside them. There is no admin interface, its all done via basic ftp.

You can see it working and download it at: http://staceyapp.com

At the moment it is running these sites: aestheticallyloyal.com, andmelbourne.com & hollyrose.com.au

From Swiss Miss

USPS Virtual Box Simulator

YouTube Preview Image

Webcam experiments. There are plenty that look amazing, but wouldn’t have any real world purpose. Then there are some that seem like they might possible have one, but you can’t quite figure out what. Someone found a use for this, try it yourself here:Virtual Box Simulator.



Fascinating visual representation of an individual on the web, Personas, byAaron Zinman.


The above was created by issuu – pronounced “issue.” This web publishing resource looks very interesting.. I’m not usually into the whole page-turn interface, but I like what they’ve got going on. It’s like the world’s biggest magazine rack, and you can easily make your own. A nice – embedable – way to share a portfolio? Check it out



Simcity meets New York in Youcity.

40 Essential iPhone Apps For Web Designers