“The Pacific” main titles

After the success of “Band of Brothers”, Imaginary Forces directed the main titles for Hanks/Spielberg new short-series “The Pacific”.
Turn the lights down and the volume up. Then play it again.

If Drawings Were Photographs

A project by Rob Matthew and Tom Edwards, and the first ever zine to be published by Its Nice That. Perfectly described by the artists as Tom gave drawings to Rob and Rob tried to make them into photographs. You can buy a whole book of them here.

Gorillaz – Stylo


“Complexo” main titles

Finally got around to finish my director’s cut.


Main title sequence for “Complexo” feature documentary, a film about the biggest and most dangerous slum in Brazil.
Shot on a Sony HD-SR11, with an old floor rug, smoke, a lightbox and some matches.
Director’s cut music by: Antonio Pinto – “By Air”

Handsome Men’s Club

YouTube Preview Image


Iron Man 2 & Tron Legacy: Trailers

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Don’t let the blue-green transfer fool you, they’re not the same movie



Human Beings. 1-100

“This is first in a series of four films People In Order commissioned by the UKs Channel 4 in 2006. The concept behind our films was simple: we asked ourselves if you can reveal something about life by simply arranging people according to scales.”

Via Thunderball

EDIT: Film maker James Pierce is awesome. Can’t stop watching his other movies. Like this one.

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath Montage


“A week after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, I was hired to shoot ENG footage for two international networks. This is a montage of personal footage I shot of the aftermath during my spare time, in and around Port au Prince. We were in Haiti for a total of 6 days in which 2 of those days were spent traveling to and from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.” – Khalid Mohtaseb

Toby Thane Neighbors

Picture 3

Picture 4

Killer illustrations at Hepcatink.com

The internet is nuts.


Nobody Beats the Drum – Grindin’

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Stop Motion Animation ‘Grindin” Director: Rogier van der Zwaag Music: Grindin’ by Nobody Beats The Drum

Taken By Trees – “My Boys”

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Here’s the original song, “My Girls” by Animal Collective:

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