Hedi Slimane




Amazing photography – check out Hedi’s photo diary.

Code Organ


Code Organ makes a unique song based on the code of your website!

You ever get the feeling you’re being watched?


New York Times film critic, A. O. Scott, speaks about Francis Ford Coppola’s 1974 film The Conversation.

John Lurie


You may know of John Lurie from his music, his TV show “Fishing with John” or such films as Down by Law or Stranger than Paradise. Well now become acquainted with his paintings. The painting above is entitled “PANTHER OUTSIDE OF HOUSE AS PHOTOGRAPHED BY ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER.”

Rbnks Reel


A cool, unusual approach for a motion reel – by CL member Rbnks.

“I made an new reel for 2009, with a little experimental taste. I didn’t want to make the same reels that you see everywhere on the web! In this film I’m showing my thoughts and emotions and also my love for motion graphics. This what I do and who I am.”

Benjamin Anderson – Just Add Water



more paintings here

Old Spice : The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

YouTube Preview Image

The Known Universe

I can never wrap my head around how big it all really is.

YouTube Preview Image

Sort of a modern update to Powers of Ten, minus the micro.

Pepsi “refresh”… not so fresh.

The folks at Pepsi decided to take one of the most unique and creative videos on the web, and use it for their new “Refresh” campaign.

The ORIGINAL music video, “Sour,” that went viral on ’09:

YouTube Preview Image

… and the “new” Pepsi spot that blatently plagiarizes it:

YouTube Preview Image

For shame. (You may also notice a “wee planet” in the Pepsi spot.. taken from a Flickr set that also went viral on the blogosphere in 08-09)

Matthew Lyons Illustration

Planet 4570

Go ahead and visit 21-year-old Matthew Lyons’s illustration blog and keep in mind this is student work. And it’s brilliant.

Hitler responds to the iPad

YouTube Preview Image

Another good one. This has been parodied so many times, it’s an “official” internet meme at KnowYourMeme.com

Illustrations by Paul Julian


Paul Julian was an essential figure in the cartoon world, creating many backgrounds for Warner Bros animations in the 40s and 50s. Here is some art from a rare childrens book he illustrated called Piccoli. You can find more of his stuff from that book here.