I Believe I Can Fly

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Free Font: Hetilica Bold

Picture 1

Made by Diego for a college project.. Sort of sign-painter meets chisel tip Sharpie. Nice! Free Download

Shady Optical Illusion: Crazy Diamonds

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I admit, I read the comments on YouTube for a clue to how this trick works: [spoiler] all of the diamonds are the same, they just all have a gradient on them. Seems obvious now!

Colorama- Paint By Numbers & Makeover

http://www.vimeo.com/7286655 http://www.vimeo.com/7286652

A couple cool new spots by Upper First



Wordle is a cool toy that generates word clouds, based on text or website URLs that you provide. It’s rather entertaining and can produce some cool results! This one was based on news.creativeleague.com

Super Ridiculous: Caleb Brown



If the world ends like a Caleb Brown painting, at least it will be pretty cool. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a website, but there are a few more pics here

The Real Simpsons House



.. just blew my mind. More pics here

Hand write your own font


Fontcapture. According to Sam, it’s fast and easy! Get writing!

Under Armour


New hotness from our own contributor Noah Conopask at Shilo.

Toy Soldiers


Sooo cool. Great use of this tilt-shift & time lapse effect

Photography: Albrecht Gerlach albrechtgerlach.com
Production: Tatiana Pereira @ Alta Media Productions
Camera Assistant: Tom Chabbat
Sound: Camille Michel unterdecke.com
Canon 7D & 5DmkII for rent in Paris: photocinerent.fr

Scroll Clock


An amazing scroll-clock, by Toki Woki.

Toshiba’s Space Chair.

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8 HD Toshiba cameras. 1 World record. Making of here.