Ruin is an incredible short animated chase film that is set in a post apocalyptic future. The film is written and directed by Wes Ball and produced by Oddball Animation. Via

One of the Most Powerful Shredders on Earth

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Da Chip

Da Chip Volume 2 just launched! Download the Music of Daft Punk Revisited on Vintage Game Systems. Via

Yosemite HD Time Lapse

Behind the scenes:

Project Yosemite Website:

Man, we must be on a nature kick!


This day at Teahupoo- Aug 27th 2011 during the Billabong Pro waiting period is what many are calling the biggest and gnarliest Teahupoo ever ridden. Chris Bryan was fortunate enough to be there working for Billabong on a day that will go down in the history of big wave surfing. The French Navy labeled this day a double code red prohibiting and threatening to arrest anyone that entered the water.

Kelly Slater described the day by saying “witnessing this was a draining feeling being terrified for other people’s lives all day long, it’s life or death. Letting go of that rope one time can change your life and not many people will ever experience that in their life.”
All images where shot by Chris Bryan using the Phantom HD Gold camera. To see more of Chris’ work check out his website.
Music: Lower Your Eyelids to Die with the Sun’ by M83.

What does it feel like to fly over planet Earth?

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A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night. This movie begins over the Pacific Ocean and continues over North and South America before entering daylight near Antarctica. Also visible is the earths ionosphere (thin yellow line), a satellite (55sec) and the stars of our galaxy.

Elliott Smith – Live at WMUC

We don’t normally post about music, but this got us excited! The fine folks at WMUC radio recently reported uncovering a lost Elliott Smith recording from ’96 or ’97. The recording includes a previously unheard song called Misery Let Me down.

Elliott Smith–Misery Let Me Down by SweetPandemonium

They were also kind enough to post the session via 2 separate downloads.

Download 1 (Includes outtakes and Misery Let Me Down)

Download 2 (Includes several songs not included in download 1)

Thanks WMUC for the the detective work and the awesome show! (beta)

This looks promising – it can be tough to share BIG files without a paid service. seems about as simple as it gets!

Member Spotlight: Trizz Studio

Awesome work from CL members Trizz out of Barcelona, Spain.Watch the above video here – and see what happens to a trillion dollars worth of gold when the lights go out!

“Trizz are Christopher Vulpi, Oriol Puig and Javier Esteban Rozalen. The trio met in 2008 and began working closely together on commercials for international campaigns. Trizz was formed in 2010.”

Future Fossils

Loving these cement cast “future fossils.” A couple of em are even affordable!

Day-O Menu Fly-Out Calender Bar

Day-O is a practical time and fly-out calendar for your Macintosh menu bar by Shaun Inman.


A short film that follows the journey of two girls in a canoe on the River Shannon and how they stumble across one of natures greatest phenomenons; a murmuration of starlings.


/merr’meuh ray”sheuhn/,n. act or instance of murmuring.

2.a flock of starlings.