8-Bit Trip

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1500 hours of moving legobricks and madness.

Old Spice “I’m a MAN”

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“I’m a man. And I SMELL like a man. Sometimes I like to smell like a different smelling man.” y

Sam Jinks

Sam Jinks

His sculpture of silicone, paint, and human hair “is skilful and paradoxical: a figure that oscillates in your awareness between being art and being a man; a stripped down sign of a tortured spiritual history.” http://www.samjinks.com/

Digital Kitchen Chicago seeking Lead Designer


DK is looking to add a Lead Designer to their Chicago team. More at CL Jobs




Brand new titles for TEDxEdges Lisbon. By CL member Filipe Carvalho

Auto-Tune the News #8 (With T-Pain)

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These will be posted until they cease to be hysterical. Will that ever happen?

iPhone Recession Case


Tough times call for tough cases Just $0.99!

Rube Golberg House

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Possibly the most elaborate Rube Golberg contraption ever?

John Schuh



Awesome collages by John Schuh

Typophile Film Festival Opening Titles


Handmade type as it relates to the five senses, and how they contribute to and enhance creativity. Everything in the film is realno CG effects! Directed by Brent Barson.

C4 Real


CL members C4 Real added their very slick 3D animation real..nice!

A Growing Pile of Work by Siggi Eggertsson


“This is a video that is made from over 400 images that I created from 2003-2009. Bits and pieces from commercial, rejected and personal projects. I had been collecting all those images to use in a completely different project, but then discovered that they could look great in animation too. After painful days in After Effects, fighting with all those 400 layers (and nearly killing my computer), the video was complete.”

More work from Siggi