The illustration of Lebbeus Woods

Lebbeus Woods

Empire of the Sun – Eclipse Broadcast

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Fun with wardrobe.



Straight outta Chicago – Arlo

Movie Award Leftovers

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.. by Fatal farm

Danny Yount

New reel from Danny Yount, featuring some great work created at Prologue and DK.


CL Members HUSH go crazy analog for Sony – can I borrow that robot suit? HEYHUSH

Dan McPharlin

You can download a pdf of his work here or check out his Flickr

In a Dream on HBO + Free Brooklyn screening


In a Dream (featuring design and animation from myself, Yussef Cole, and Jonah Birns) premieres on HBO2 tonight at 8pm, with showings to follow throughout the rest of the month. Full schedule and details here. It is currently available on HBO in Demand as well if you can’t wait and there is also a free screening this Sunday, 2pm at the Brooklyn Museum (Email me for an invite).



Fascinating visual representation of an individual on the web, Personas, byAaron Zinman.

Let Yourself Feel

by Esteban Dicono

Rough Cut Lady (and other inside jokes)

Picture 5

Real Marketing Genius. These gems have stood the test of time – hysterical.

Rough Cut Lady

Impossible Promo Approval Guy

Mr Waiting-for-the-conference-room Man

Mr Asking Us To Think Outside Of The Box Guy

Mr Cutting A Promo For A Lame Show Guy

Miss Small Talk In The Elevator Girl

Truth In Advertising. Another classic industry satire.

Designer Slash Model. “You have to be beautiful to create something beautiful.” -DK

Roy Andersson


Roy Andersson is a filmmaker from Sweden. His most recent feature, You, the Living (stills above), was released in the U.S. earlier this year. His short film World of Glory is available on the Cinema16: European Short Films dvd. I highly recommend you track down the dvd and give it a proper viewing – translation: don’t watch it on youtube. (for sale / netflix)