Bald Presidents



“I’m not just a client, I’m also the president.” (Sorry I had to) More here.

Jim’s Skull Gallery


Nick Meek

One of my new favorite photographers. Nick Meek

The Holy Mountain

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Kahn’s Exeter Short Film

CG Shortfilm about Louis Kahn’s Phillips Exeter Academy Library.

Footage from “The Third & The Seventh” project for illustrating Mundos Digitales 2009 conference.

Done with 3dsmax, Vray, AE and Premiere.

Main theme soundtrack it’s The Divine Comedy’s “Laika’s Theme” from “Absent Friends” album.

Color Suckr

Picture 2

Picture 1

A handy tool for color scheme generation – just give it an image URL! Color Suckr

Soko – Ill kill her

The Ether Design opens in Hollywood

The Ether Design

New shop in Hollywood shows off it’s impressive line up of theatrical, broadcast and station ID work. View Here

Auto Tune The News

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Pirates, drugs, gay marriage — Autotuned. So good.

Choose your own Adventure.

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Ian Pfaff’s Demo Reel

Best demo reel ever.

Augmented Reality game by Julian Oliver