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A fashion centered short film produced and directed here in Chicago by Kacper Skowron. Titles by

Beard Slap

This is the best thing on the internet… so far.

Member Spotlight: Mario Brioschi

Mario, this is one hell of a personal project. Bravo!

Kern Type, the kerning game

For any designer looking to train their eyeballs, this is a fun/useful tool!

Dude sounds like Freddie Mercury

YouTube Preview Image

Would NOT want to follow this guy at a karaoke bar.

“Final Destination 5″ main titles

Final Destination 5 main titles, by Prologue Films.

Real-World, Physical Solitaire-Win Bounce Sculpture

Need to get one of these for mom, she kills it at solitaire. By Skrekkogle.

AANAATT by Max Hattler

Complete credits, awards and screening history:
Onedotzero interview with Max Hattler:
1-minute teaser:

“Hattler proposes an unusual stop-motion animation, where objects of abstract shape and unknown function move in a space that bears no relationship to any kind of real experience. The various elements move within this three dimensional space, like parts of a dynamic painting that condenses a whole series of references to contemporary art: from the constructivism of Moholy-Nagy, to the historic abstracts of Mondrian and Klee, and on to the more recent experience of conceptual and kinetic art. Changing shapes, plays of colour and transforming surfaces compose a dynamic universe that is both alienating and fascinating at the same time.” Invideo 2010, Italy

Member Spotlight: The Material Group
Chicago based company, The Material Group, updates their site and reel with a ton of great new work! Check them out!!!

Sam Falls & Bjork

Really liking this hybrid of paint & photography by Sam Falls. Very Bjork! (via)

Atelier Olschinsky

“Game Zone” illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky