Member Spotlight: Dominik Wieschermann

Germany’s own DMNK shares his new live action/3D video short. It’s “a title sequence for a fictional motion design congress called motiondiary.” Psyop, SuperFad, Digital Kitchen, Buck, and more. Collect them all!

Crazy Looking Guitar Strings

YouTube Preview Image

Now this is pretty wild. Guitar strings captured an iPhone 4. The effect is due to the camera’s rolling shutter.

Madeon – Pop Culture (live mashup)

YouTube Preview Image

This 16 year old kid is sick. Check out this live mashup of 39 tracks.

The Wombats “Techno Fan” made with Processing

“I worked with the Found Collective on this Wombats music video. I designed and developed software (using C++ / openframeworks) to process live footage of the band. All images seen below are generated from this software.” – Memo Akten

Learn more about the process at

Kenny Powers, new “MFCEO” of K-SWISS

YouTube Preview Image

Very awesome. Very NSFW.

Inside – A Social Film Experience

YouTube Preview Image

From the director of “Disturbia” & “Eagle Eye” starring Emmy Rossum from Showtime’s Shameless.Intel and Toshiba present Hollywood’s first Social Film, Inside. A social film is a live entertainment experience, blending film and social media.

Christina is a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been trapped in a room. She has a laptop. And she needs your help to get out.Don’t miss a single film.Subscribe to be notified when the next one is released.

Mark Ward Studio

Digging these colorful graphics by London’s Mark Ward

Tondu font

Dope. And free.

“Camelot” main titles

Classic Kyle Cooper. And that’s a good thing.
Done at Prologue


CL members DIGITALKITCHEN are on vacation in the great outdoors… You can follow them in real time at “Kitchlandia


Wow. One of the most impressive 3D shorts we’ve seen in a long time. Beautiful work by Polynoid.

Cassini Mission

Chris Abbas of Digital Kitchen created this mesmerizing short film.

“I truly enjoy outer space. It’s absolutely amazing that we now have the ability to send instruments out into the void of the universe to observe all sorts of interesting things. Asteroids! Moons! Planets! Dark matter! This is the perfect opportunity for a Carl Sagan quote: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

The footage in this little film was captured by the hardworking men and women at NASA with the Cassini Imaging Science System. If you’re interested in learning more about Cassini and the on-going Cassini Solstice Mission, check it out at NASA’s website: