Oil In Water


By Shawn Knol (with his Canon Rebel XT DSLR).

Ricky Allman



Many more here

Takeuchi Taijin

YouTube Preview Image

Incredibly clever. The chase is on!

Greg Herman / More Chi




Really nice boarding and motion work from Greg Herman. More Chi

Gig Posters


If you love either music or poster art, this brand new book is a must have. Features some of the best work from gigposters.com, and the best part is, this large format book includes 101 beautiful posters read to hang on the wall. Under $30 at amazon but check your local place first!

Reasons to be Cheerful

Barney Bubbles

Reasons to be Cheerful is a book on the life and work of designer Barney Bubbles. Dig into his work at the RTBC Blog and on feuilleton.

Tim Palmer 2009


Midwest native Tim Palmer releases his new work today. View

Shoot an apple, save the earth, go to Australia


Your mission: using a green apple and a camera, shoot a :15 second video that expresses your thoughts on the state of all things eco. The winner wins a trip to Australia. Deadline is 4/27/09. Learn more here


Nirrimi is a young 16 year old Australian girl. She also happens to take some great photos!

Neil Krug

Kansas photographer, Neil Krug has taken some great photos using expired and damaged polaroid film. Kansas Represent!

Minivan Highway

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A band of IT guys from the 80s make desktop techno. Awesome

Roger 2009


Motion graphics powerhouse Roger updates their reel and look. View