DK’s Seattle Film Festival Trailer


Watch the movie here

and behind the scenes. From motionographer.

Drum Buddy

YouTube Preview Image

Tin can + lightbulb = The Ultimate Musical Instrument. Drum

In a Dream documentary

I had the pleasure (along with the supremely talented Yussef Cole) of doing design and animation for the documentary In a Dream. The film is about the family struggles and artwork of Philadelphia based Mosaic artist, Isaiah Zagar. It opens theatrically today in NYC at Cinema Village. Check out the trailer and go see it! More cities coming in the following weeks.

Omega Code Fan Results!

Fans designed posters to a common Omega Code graphic and turned in some great results! All entrants will be printed in the upcoming book which is really awesome. Why did I not do this???

Omega Code

Bran Dougherty-Johnson / GROW DESIGN WORK


Sharing is caring. CL member Bran Dougherty-Johnson’s new 2009 reel, enjoy!

Cardboard office by Joost van Bleiswijk



From Dezeen. See more

Three Legged Legs: N.A.S.A, Kanye West


Crazy new music video for N.A.S.A. by the Three Legged fellows.

From The Hoop

From the hoop is a short 3D movie directed by 3 students of Supinfocom Arles in 2008. More info at


YouTube Preview Image

Nestle Aero directors cut. Behind the Scenes Part 1 and Part 2. Inspiration here.

Sebastien Cannone


Really amazing work from Sebastien Cannone. view

Clark Little


Insane pictures of waves… and only waves. Stunning.

280 Slides


“Create beautiful presentations, access them from anywhere, and share them with the world. With 280 Slides, there’s no software to download and nothing to pay for and when you’re done building your presentation you can share it any way you like.”

Looks interesting – check it out here.