Periodic Table of Typefaces


Study up – there will be a quiz.

Amazing & Fun

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Bob Peak – master of many styles

Bob Peak

Check out Bob Peak’s classic movie poster illustrationsas well as selections from the rest of his commercial work.

Today’s Inspiration has a nice post from last april summarizing his early work, which varies quite differently from his later movie posterillustrations, accompanied by aflickr set.

Vanila BCN


Some cool illustration and graphic design from Barcelona. Vanila BCN

Mutual Friend


CL member and news contributor Aaron Kemnitzer drops his new 3D reel. Rate it here and check out his new site too.

New Simpsons Intro


In case you didn’t notice, FOX updated the content of their super fast whip-pan in the HD open. Click here for a bigger look

Likeminded Studio On Flickr



Make sure to visit their homepage too, but really their Flickr sets are more fun to browse.

Jon Saunders



Jon Saunders colabs w/ Marco Iozzi, Pete Sickbert-Bennet, Tom Cushwa and Helen Hyung Choi. Teamwork at its best!


Gediminas iaulys =

Mark Wagner


Mark Wagner’s amazing currency collages.

Discovery gets the Royale treatment

Royale for Discovery

Westcoast motion graphics house Royale recently did the Discovery channel network rebranding. View