Coca-Cola Library

“Library” tells the story of two teens connecting over their pen drawings created to help pass their study time.

De Lijn: The advantages of traveling in groups

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Peter Ampe, Bottez Katrien
Creation: Hans Kerkhoff, Raoul Maris
TV Producer: Emily Rammant, Marc Van Buggenhout
Production Company: Creative Conspiracy
Director: Guionne Leroy
Producer: Luc Van Driessche

Fever Ray “When I Grow Up” & “If I Had a Heart”

New music videos by Fever Ray, Karin Dreijer Andersson, who is one half of the Swedish electro act The Knife.
When I Grow Up
If I Had a Heart



Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Say what you will about Michael Bay… but the man knows how to spend $. Watch the trailer in HD.

Yue Minjin

Yin Minjin is quickly becoming the poster child for China’s avant garde movement, Cynical Realism. Minjin’s signature smiling figure is supposed to contain fear, animosity, and a sense of discomfort that is a product of facing reality in contemporary times. Yue Minjin

Big Machine Big Update

Big Machine Design

Westcoast powerhouse Big Machine Design shows off their new impressive line of work. View

Eva Husson for The Presets


Type at Urtd



Outliner and Klimax at

Pepsi Logo Madness


Found at Brand New. Download the self-titled “Breathtaking” pitch for the new Pepsi Logo, and see other subsequent hilarity here.

Richard Avedon


Take on Me – The Literal Version

Classic. Maybe you need a “Pipe Wrench Fight” t-shirt.