Bookmark-worthy app


What The Font?! Upload a sample image and WTF will tell you the font. If somehow you didn’t know about this one, now you do.

Zena Holloway


The captivating underwater photography of Zena Holloway.

Colourmovie’s Slamdance Opening Sequence


Slamdance, who is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary, tapped Colourmovie to design and animate the show open for this year’s festival in Park City, Utah.View Here

Path Snagger


Very handy on the production end, Path Snagger is ideal when sending someone a link to a file or folder on the company server. “Control-click a document, application, folder, mounted volume, zip disk, anything, and easily copy the full path to that item directly to your clipboard!” Download PathSnagger

Mike Goubeaux delivers new site


Director/ Motion graphics artist Mike Goubeaux shows off his new work including the superbowl Doritos commercial. View Here

Matt Ciaglia updates site

Matt Ciaglia

L.A. based motion graphics design and CL member Matt Ciaglia shows off his recent work of broadcast and theatrical pieces. His personal site.

FLONG: Golan Levin and Collaborators

Golan is one of the most interesting figures in new media. Behold FLONG

Studio Spooky


Surreal techno-organism-things created by former graphic designer turned pencil-ninja. See more at

Bookmark-worthy Flickr tools


Multicolr Search lab lets you search by color scheme…awesome.


Compfight lets you search for only “original” size images.

FrameWork LA reveals new site for 09

FrameWork Studio LA
New Year New Site. Framework la spins off 09 with a whole slew of new work ranging from broadcast, theatrical and BluRay Menus. View their work at FrameWorkLA

Cartoon Network Rebrand

Cartoon Network Rebrand

Capacity once again delivers a great network rebranding. View at

Ben Weiner


Paintings by Ben Weiner