The Seed



Great mixed-media short by Johnny Kelly at Nexus Productions. Watch it

Grandaddy – Jed’s Other Poem

YouTube Preview Image

Though this video was created by Stewdio in 2005, it’s still beautiful and fresh as morning dew. It also comes with an interesting story and has surely inspired many more recent works. Read more

Rosie Hardy Photography

18 year old girl who does all her work with a Canon EOS 400D, GIMP image editor, and a tripod. Flickr site

Bookmark-worthy sites


Dropbox: Store, sync and share your files online. And it’s free. One of the most useful apps we’ve seen in a long time – especially for people who work on multiple computers.


Crowdspring: A logo design site. Clients post the projects – designers compete by creating logos – client chooses their favorite – winning designer gets paid. A really great idea for clients on a budget and designers looking to make some extra cash. Get out your sketchbook and go!

Jimmy Fallon on his logo designs

Now that Jimmy Fallon is taking over “Late Night,” he’s trying to pick a logo, and asking for viewer feedback. The logos were designed by Number 17. It’s interesting to see Jimmy as a client rather than a comedian..

Dave Hill Photography


Master of the super-real portrait, Dave Hill takes pictures that are too good to be true. Lots of people are going for the same look, using HDR “tone-mapping” which requires multiple exposures. Not Dave. Is it all in the lighting? See behind the scenes of the above photo.

Take-Away Shows


Definitely one of the coolest sites out there – La Blagotheque’s beautiful Take-Away Shows. Andrew Bird (above) saranades while walking the streets of Paris. One of countless amazing, unique performances. See them all.

Levi’s Junk Truck


Director Paul Schneider and CL member Aaron Kemnitzer give Levi’s some junk in the trunk. See movie and full credits here.

Yellow Snow


Our very own CL member Decoy has snowboarder Danny Kass sucking on some yellow snow for Nike. Check it you

Student-made Octapodi Gets Oscar Nomination

YouTube Preview Image

The students of Paris’ Gobelins School of Image show us how it’s done. Amazing

Michael Michael Motorcycle


Pretty amazing posters from the curious artist Michael Michael Motorcycle

DK’s True Blood – The Making Of

If you’ve seen Alan Ball’s new show on HBO, you’re familiar with the work of Digital Kitchen. For this opening title sequence, DK takes us on a turbulent ride through the darkest reaches of the south. Take a look at the full title sequence here.

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