Hef’s Hard Drive.

Happy Holidays from Hef. A 250GB Hard Drive of it all. Check it.


Looking for a space to work in Chicago? Our friend Sam at One Design Company just launched an awesome new app – Desktime. With it, you can find a variety of work spaces that will fit your budget and lifestyle. Nice work Sam!

The Tree of Life

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Terrence Malick is back. And looking stunning.

Teach Your Parents Tech

This may be Google’s greatest invention yet. Send your parents custom tech support videos for all of their computer needs. From how to “copy and paste” to “attach a file to an email.” Just in time for the holidays! Use it.

Open With Photoshop, Firefox Plugin

Open With Photoshop is a new companion for web and graphic designers to open up any web image with Adobe Photoshop via a single and quick mouse click. INSTALL

Resistance 3

Prologue Films goes full live action for the Resistance 3 trailer. Amazing shots.
Resistance 3 trailer

Member Spotlight: Soul Grafix


CL member Soul Grafix shares his “making of the 3 and a half month long Stop Motion Opening for Canal Plus.” Take a look behind the scenes of this cool project!

Let’s Enhance

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“Lock on, and enlarge the Z-axis” – Mac Guyver

This is why TV mysteries are so awesome, and realistic!

The Inception Button

Make your life Christopher Nolan dramatic.

Have a project due in 10 minutes? Need to add intensity to get the job done? Click the Inception button! (Also, when you click it to a beat, it kind of sounds like the Daft Punk Tron Soundtrack.) Via Digital Kitchen

Konrad Wielandt


Some great work from Germany – Konrad Wielandt
Check out his site too.

Gentleman Scholar

The new kids on the block.

Mr. Spriggs BBQ

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The meat falls off the bone.