Richard Mosse – Seeing Pink

Using Aerochrome, a false-color reversal film designed for vegetation surveys andcamouflage detection, Richard Mosse can make you look twice at conflict. Via

Micro-Animation, Nokia “Dot”

YouTube Preview Image

..and the making of

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Julia Rising

All in After Effects. Nice!

Flash on the Beach 2010 titles

by Nando Costa and Superfad

Back to the Cave

enter the dragon.

HBO “I Still Have A Soul”

2:25 of beauty.

Directed, Written, Edited by: Contraband (Liam O’Neil & Jason Koburov)
Produced By : Rob Conticelli
DP’s – Nick Montalvo & Chase Bowman
Associate Producers : Dave Steele & John Labate

Cache Rules Everything Around Me

So stupid that I can’t look away. Love it. Video by Evan Roth: Audio by Girl Talk:

Designer Screensavers

We like. Dropclock, Minnow, Fliqlo, and Wordclock. (via MONOmoda)

Your Lucky Day

Director Dan Brown of Ohhello takes us on a wild ride in his short film Your Lucky Day. A megaball drawing sends a convenience store spiraling out of control.

Rolling Shutter Propellers

Jason Mullins shot a series of photos of an airplane propeller with his iPhone 4 that demonstrate a rolling shutter effect, where the object being photographed is moving faster than the shutter as it scans the frame.

Heres another example shot by Soren Ragsdale in 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

A similar thing can happen with video, as Mikel Ortega discovered when shooting a propeller with his Nokia N95. Via

Designing Obama, free digital edition

Our friends at the Post Family share their new book, Designing Obama. It is available on iPad, and a hard bound edition. You can see the whole thing for free, right here.

Pool Domination 2010

YouTube Preview Image

These guys do, in fact, dominate.